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Auto Insurance Quotes

North Carolina Teenager Auto Insurance: Important Facts To Know Before Buying

A 2003 Department of Transportation report found that a young driver age 19 or less was involved in a motor vehicle crash every 23.6 minutes. Over 19,000 people 19 or less were killed or injured in a car accident. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol offers driver education programs to combat the dangers associated with young, inexperienced drivers. Parents looking for North Carolina teenager auto insurance should consider the following facts before adding a child to their insurance policy. Fact: Most Underage Accidents Involve Alcohol. In 2005, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol arrested over 2,178 impaired drivers under age 21. North…

Is Florida A No Fault Auto Insurance State?

New residents to the Sunshine State may wonder, “Is Florida a no-fault auto insurance state?” Before buying a new policy, it’s important to understand what the law says about a driver’s responsibility. As with all states, you must carry personal injury and property damage liability protection. What Does FL No Fault Insurance Mean? Florida is one of a select few states that are considered “no fault.” If you are injured in an auto accident, you will have to pay the first portion of your medical bills ($10,000) before the other party is expected to pay, regardless of who is at fault….

SR 22 Auto Insurance In North Carolina: What Is “Proof Of Insurance?”

Did you know that North Carolina is just one of two states that DO NOT require you to obtain SR-22 certification? You will still need auto insurance, of course, but this lax law comes as a welcome relief to many drivers. What Is SR 22 Auto Insurance? In most states, people carry an SR-22 document to prove their financial responsibility. If you are fortunate enough to have a “jackpot” of a savings account or a wealthy background, you do not necessarily need auto insurance if you can pay tens of thousands in damages should you cause an accident. Of course, it is not…

Michigan Teenager Auto Insurance: Important Facts To Know Before Buying

As of last March, there have been a few new driving restrictions for Level 2 license holders. The first is that a teen driver may not have more than one passenger under age 21 in the car who is not an immediate family member or unless the driver is traveling to/from school. The second restriction is that teen drivers may not drive between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless driving to/from work or with a parent/licensed adult over 21 years old. When Can Teens Legally Drive In Michigan? Level 1: Supervised Learner’s License Level 2: Intermediate License…