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High Risk Driver Auto Insurance

Monday, May 14th, 2012

No one ever wants to be labeled a high risk driver, but there comes a time when your luck just runs out and you can no longer deny that the stack of tickets you’ve received lately qualifies you as a risk pool driver. Even if you’re confident driving at high speeds or you feel that you were not at fault for the last accident, auto insurance companies see that there is a pesky black “bad luck” storm cloud following you around — and insuring you is costing them more. So, you may ask, “Are exorbitant rates just part of my future? Or is there something I can do to pay less, even though I’m a high risk driver ?”

Drive Smart.

If you’re going to be drinking, take a cab or public transit. Do not text while driving or try to “gun it” through a yellow light. Always signal when changing lanes and be sure you pause a full two seconds at stop signs, while looking both ways. Use cruise control, whenever possible, to avoid the temptation to speed — especially on the highway. Always give yourself a 3-second following distance behind vehicles. Once you have no tickets or accidents for 3 years, you can expect your auto insurance rates to come down to a reasonable level.

Manage Your Money.

Did you know that some auto insurance companies look at your credit score when determining what type of rate to give you? Do your best to improve your money management and bring in added income, if necessary. Mark your insurance payment due dates on your calendar in advance, so you know when you’ll need the money to pay your bill on-time.

Shop For Quotes.

The auto insurance market is extremely competitive. Since companies all have their own secret algorithms for determining risk, you can find tremendous deals by calling around. Better yet, why not take a couple of quick minutes and get a free, no-obligation quote online?


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Are you a high risk driver? Shop our auto quotes today and start saving.

What Does the High-risk Driver Category Mean for Auto Insurance Purposes

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Many drivers fall into the category being considered high risk for auto insurance purposes. New drivers are placed in this category because of their lack of experience behind the wheel and the fact that they are more likely to be involved in an accident. Other factors which may put a driver in the high risk category include the following:

  • More than one accident
  • Several moving violations on the driving record in in one year
  • DUI or DWI charge
  • Lapse in the auto insurance coverage
  • Poor credit history
  • Living in a high risk area

Accidents and Moving Violations and Driving

Auto insurance companies gather information about the number of accidents or moving violations that driver accumulates because they look at prior behavior as a way to determine how someone will behave behind the wheel in the future. A driver with a history of being involved in several accidents, whether at fault and not at fault, will likely pay more for his or her coverage than a person who has a clean driving record.

DUI or DWI Charge

Being charged with an impaired driving offense (Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol of a Drug or Driving While Impaired) means that the driver will be placed in a high risk category. This category designation will stay in place for several years. Insurance providers know that a person who has been charged with this type of offense is likely to do so again.

Lapse in Auto Insurance Coverage

Having a lapse in auto insurance coverage is another factor that providers use to determine high-risk for auto insurance purposes. Keeping continuous coverage in place is important for drivers who want to be seen as a good risk by insurance providers.

Poor Credit History

In some states. an auto insurance provider can use an applicant’s credit history when determining how much to charge for coverage. A person with a poor credit history may be considered a high risk for coverage purposes and be charged higher rates of the result.

Living in a High Risk Area

People living in high risk areas also pay more for their auto insurance coverage. A policyholder who lives in a neighborhood where several car thefts have been reported is considered a high risk for corporate purposes. For this reason, auto insurance companies ask for an applicant’s zip code before they will provide a quote for coverage.

Finding High Risk Auto Insurance Coverage

A driver who is considered a high risk for auto insurance purposes should make a point of shopping around and getting quotes from different providers for his or her coverage. There are some auto insurance companies which specialize in covering high risk drivers and each one determines how much to charge for coverage independently.

It is possible for a driver who is considered high risk to qualify for standard auto insurance rates after a few years, provided that he or she maintains a clean driving record. This designation, and the higher rates which go with it, does not have to be permanent.

How Can I Find Affordable High-risk Auto Insurance Coverage

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Finding affordable high risk auto insurance coverage can be challenging. If you have been classified in this category, you still have options, though. Making a point of getting quotes from different providers before buying a policy is a good strategy for all auto insurance buyers, but in the case of non-standard coverage it is even more important to consider your options carefully.

Not all auto insurance providers will offer to extend coverage to a high-high risk driver, and those which will take on this level of risk tend to charge much higher rates for it. There are auto insurance companies which specialize in serving this niche market, and this may be your best bet for finding the affordable coverage you need.

High-risk Driver Rating

You may be classified as a high risk driver if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

  • Young or newly-licensed driver
  • Male
  • Gaps in your auto insurance coverage history
  • Poor credit
  • Driving history which includes a number of accidents (at fault or otherwise)
  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Impaired) charges
  • Living in an area where multiple claims have been reported

If your driving history shows a number of moving violations, the auto insurance company determines that you are more likely to be involved in an accident. In a situation where you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, you are automatically considered a high risk for auto insurance purposes and you can expect to pay more for your coverage for several years after your driving privileges have been reinstated. Other driving offenses which will lead to higher auto insurance rates for at least a year following the event include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Hit and run
  • Negligent vehicular injury
  • Driving under the influence of drugs

Shop Around for Lowest Rates for High-Risk Coverage

If you have been classified as a high-risk driver for auto insurance coverage, start your search for affordable coverage by approaching your current provider. Your rates will go up but you may be able to stay with the same company. If the company will not provide coverage or the rate is too high, then you can start looking at other providers.

Going online is an effective way for you to find companies willing to provide high risk auto insurance to drivers. Conducting a search for “high risk auto insurance” (with quotation marks) and the name of your city will provide you with links to insurers who are willing to write policies for high risk drivers.

You can save more on your coverage by considering the level of protection you need carefully. It’s a good idea to review your coverage at least once a year to make sure that you are not paying for extra items which add to your coverage costs. You will be paying more for your coverage as a high risk driver, and you should make sure that you are well covered without adding to its cost.

KY Auto Insurance Carriers for High Risk Drivers

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

High risk, or non-standard, auto insurance buyers in KY may not be able to buy a policy from all insurance providers licensed to sell products in the state. They may need to get quotes from companies which specialize in providing coverage to this niche market.

Some circumstances where a driver may be classified as high risk include:

  • Having one’s driver’s license suspended or revoked
  • Being a young driver (20 years of age or younger)
  • Being a senior driver (aged 70 and up)
  • History of accidents and/or moving violations

When a driver is placed in this category, it doesn’t mean that he or she should not shop around to get the best rates for coverage. Rates for non-standard drivers can vary significantly, depending on the company involved. Going online is an effective strategy for finding insurance for high risk drivers.

Conducting an online search for high risk car insurance companies in KY will provide consumers with a number of choices. Visiting individual web sites can help the consumer learn about the products that each one offers, as well as the company itself. All car insurance buyers should deal with a company that is well-established and that provides a good level of customer service, as well as the best possible rates.

If you are a young driver or have been involved in accidents, you may be able to buy a standard policy in a few years. Review your coverage at least once a year and get quotes from multiple providers before renewing your coverage.

Alaska Auto Insurance for High-risk Drivers

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

High-risk drivers who are looking for Alaska auto insurance coverage will be paying higher rates than people who are rated as standard drivers.  An individual may be put into this category if they have a DUI (Driving While Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction on their driving record or they have been involved in more than one accident within the past few years.

Some people who have been placed in the non-standard (or high risk) category may have their insurance policy canceled by their current car insurance company. The insurance company may refuse to renew the policy when it comes up for renewal as well.

Simply because a person needs to find Alaska auto insurance for high-risk drivers does not mean that they shouldn’t shop around to get the best possible rates on their policy. There are insurance companies that specialize in this niche market, and some standard companies will also offer coverage to a driver who needs non-standard protection.

Even if a driver is considered high risk driver at a certain time in his or her life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always have that designation. Maintaining a clean driving record for a few years can go a long way toward being able to qualify for lower rates, since an insurance company will look at an applicant’s driving history for up to five years when setting rates.

Oklahoma Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

High risk drivers pay more for their Oklahoma car insurance coverage, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t shop around to get the best possible rates. Some standard car insurance providers don’t provide high risk coverage at all.There are car insurance providers who specifically target this niche market, and that is one option for a person who needs to arrange coverage.

Rates do vary between companies, even the ones who specialize in providing coverage to high risk drivers. A person in this situation should still shop around to make sure they are getting the best possible rates.

Going online is a good way to compare rates from different companies. A search for insurance companies serving high risk drivers will bring up a number of options. From there, a driver can start to narrow down the possibilities by visiting a number of individual web sites to check out the companies themselves to make sure that they are financially stable and can provide the right type and level of coverage.

Comparing quotes from a number of Oklahoma car insurance providers can help a consumer find the right company for his or her needs. Since each one uses its own formula for determining the level of risk that a particular driver presents, pricing can vary significantly between companies. Shopping around is the key to finding the best pricing for car insurance coverage, whether a driver has preferred or high risk status.

Ohio Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Monday, November 15th, 2010

If you have been rated as a non-standard driver for car insurance purposes, you have been deemed a higher risk to insure. You will be paying higher rates for your coverage than a low-risk driver, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t shop around to get the best rates for your personal situation.

In a case where you have been deemed higher risk because you have been involved in one or more accidents or you have accumulated moving violations, you may not continue to be a high-risk driver forever. If you can maintain a clean driving record for at least a couple of years, you can improve your rating.

In the meantime, you may find it challenging to get coverage from a standard car insurance company. There are insurers who have targeted the niche market of high-risk drivers, and an online search can help you to find these companies.

Do shop around for your Ohio car insurance, no matter how you have been rated for coverage purposes. Even among high-risk car insurance providers, pricing can vary and you want to get the best deal possible for your current situation.

Hopefully, your high-risk status will not last forever and you will be able to get standard rates after a few years. Once you have improved your rating, take care to avoid any  more accidents or moving violations.

Tennessee Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Friday, September 17th, 2010

A person who has a bad driving record or who has been charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Impaired) will be classified as a high risk driver for Tennessee car insurance purposes. If your driving record is poor, your insurance company may refuse to renew your coverage. In a case where your current insurance company will agree to continue to provide coverage, you will likely be looking at a higher rate.

If your insurance company has given you notice that your current policy will not be renewed, you will need to find a Tennessee insurance company that is prepared to provide coverage. There are companies that are open to providing insurance coverage to high-risk drivers, and there are other ones that specialize in this niche market.

All drivers, including those considered at high risk, should take the time to shop around for coverage. The rates charged by different car insurance companies vary, since each one sets its own pricing. Whatever your past driving record is, do shop around to find the best rates that you can get in your particular situation.

When you ask an insurance company for a quote, be honest about your record. The insurer has access to your driving record, and if the company finds out you lied on your application, it will cancel your policy and you will have to keep looking for coverage. Compare rates and find the best pricing for your situation.