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How does Florida Car Insurance Work?


While other states within the US operate under the Tort system, motorists in Florida will be more familiar with the no-fault auto insurance method and this will make a significant difference when it comes to obtaining car insurance quotes. Road users in the Sunshine State are obliged to take out property damage liability coverage and personal injury protection on all four-wheeled vehicles and these must be licensed with the Californian Department of Motor Vehicles.

Personal injury protection will cover the cost of injuries sustained by the policyholder in a road traffic accident up to the value agreed on the policy regardless of which driver was actually at fault. All auto insurance quotes relating to personal injury protection will also include coverage for all family members in the vehicle at the time of an accident, although non-related passengers and other individuals using the vehicle independently may not be covered unless the terms and conditions of a policy declare otherwise. If passengers are covered, personal injury protection will only extend this far if they do not have their own auto insurance policy to claim on.

The minimum mandatory level of personal injury protection is $10,000, although this can be increased at the same time as car insurance quotes are being compared. Consumers should not be left in the dark about the limits of personal injury protection. Many motorists mistakenly believe that their medical costs will be automatically covered after an accident as long as the financial threshold specified in the policy isn’t breached. However, motorists who have a deductible figure attached to their policy usually find that their insurers will only cover the cost of treatment after that sum has been subtracted from the overall cost of medical expenses.

Even if there are no deductible figures to consider, motorists are advised to look into the finer details of personal injury protection when they are reviewing their auto insurance quotes. Under the terms and conditions of most policies, personal injury protection payments will only be made up to a value of 80% of the total cost of medical treatment. Theoretically, a policy with no deductible attached could see the insured party having to foot 20% of the bill so if the total cost of medical expenses reach $10,000, the policyholder will be accountable for $2,000 of those costs.

Property damage liability will also be included within all car insurance quotes obtained in Florida and this is also set at $10,000. If the policyholder is involved in an accident with a third party, this level of coverage will cover the cost of repairs to their vehicle and replacement of any items contained within that are damaged as a result of the same accident. Once again, the level of coverage provided will dictate how much an insurer pays out should an accident actually occur. If only the minimum amount of mandatory insurance has been purchased, an accident with a high-end vehicle resulting in costs in excess of $10,000 will see the policyholder covering surplus costs from their own pocket.

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