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Mandatory Auto Insurance Coverage In Ohio


Driving is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, Ohio drivers must carry insurance and proof of financial responsibility. Ohio auto insurance law stipulates that you must buy Bodily Injury Liability coverage, as well as Property Damage Liability coverage, to pay for any accidents you may cause while driving. You must carry your updated state insurance card with you in your vehicle at all times.

Minimum Ohio Auto Insurance Coverage

Every state has its own mandates, but Ohio requires you to have at least $12,500 per person for Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, at least $25,000 in coverage per accident, and at least $7,500 in Property Damage Liability Coverage. If you cause a crash, this will typically give you peace of mind that the other people and property you’ve harmed will be reimbursed. Your MedPay/PIP insurance coverage will take care of anyone injured in your vehicle.

Reasons To Get More Auto Insurance In Ohio

Sometimes it makes sense to buy more than the minimum coverage. For instance, if you’ve just bought a brand new vehicle, chances are it’s worth more than what your insurance will cover.  Generally speaking, if your vehicle (new or used) is worth more than $20,000, you want to buy more coverage. If you have a lot to lose financially, then you may also want to buy more coverage to protect yourself from litigation, as victims may be able to take your assets in court to cover the cost of unpaid damages.

Consequences of Being Underinsured In Ohio

One accident can put the financial future of your family in jeopardy. Even if you have no money, your wages could be garnished to cover the money you owe. Medical costs, in particular, are sky-high, so it’s really a risk you do not want to take! Often times, you can get better coverage than you currently have — for less — by browsing for auto insurance quotes online. Give our site a try, as it only takes a few minutes to get multiple quotes!

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