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Speeding Tickets – Their Effect on Car Insurance Quotes in Alabama


Traffic violations, irrespective of where they are picked up, can have a significant effect on car insurance quotes. In Alabama, laws on violations such as speeding are treated with very little sympathy in terms of tolerance and state troopers will usually issue on-the-spot fines for those who drive their vehicles with a little too much enthusiasm.

The punishment associated with speeding tickets will vary according to the level at which recommended limits are broken.  As an example, driving at 45 mph in a 35 mph zone equates to being 10 mph over the legal limit. This will result in a 2 point penalty being applied to a license as well as a fine being imposed. In terms of coverage, the violation will lead to higher auto insurance quotes the next time a policy renewal is due.

Penalties increase as and when offenders commit more serious violations. If a motorist is caught exceeding 70 mph in a 45mph zone, an excess speed of more than 26 mph will be recorded and this result in a stiffer fine and a 5 point penalty being added to a license. While some motorists will be more alarmed by the rising cost of fines, it should still be remembered that when a designated total of points are accumulated, a license suspension will result. Suspensions are based on points accumulated within a 2 year period and these are implemented as follows:

  • An accumulation of 12 to 14 points – 60 day suspension
  • An accumulation of 15 to 17 points – 90 day suspension
  • An accumulation of 18 to 20 points – 120 day suspension
  • An accumulation of 21 to 23 points – 180 day suspension
  • An accumulation of 24 or more points – 1 year suspension

While a suspension can have immeasurable consequences in terms of the day-to-day lifestyles of banned motorists, there are other implications which should be considered. Once a suspension is served, all future policies will be subject to the completion of a SR-22 form and this will have a major impact on the price of all future car insurance quotes. The SR-22 form will be sent to the Alabama Department of Motor Insurance once a policy has been obtained as proof of insurance coverage.

Many motorists with multiple violations find that policies quickly become unaffordable and they will often choose to operate their vehicles illegally. The SR-22 form acts as a safeguard against this type of behavior. As a point of note, the imposition of an SR-22 form will usually result in higher auto insurance quotes.

The auto insurance market has traditionally rewarded drivers who display a safe and responsible attitude behind the wheel of their vehicles and substantial discounts can be applied to a prospective policy whenever car insurance quotes are gathered. The cost of continual traffic violations, particularly in terms of speeding tickets, will continue to have severe financial and restrictive repercussions until such a time as drivers are prepared to display a more mature attitude to driving.

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